How are you off the deck?

Paul Sherman

18 July 2022

The most fun part is actually hearing about how much they’ve lowered your score!

Are you finding that, as you’re getting older, you can’t quite hit it as far as you used to? Or maybe you’re a young gun who looks at a par-5 green and thinks ‘I want to make that in two’ but can’t quite get there. Well, oddly enough, you might both have the same solution!


Avoid the rabbit hole

Sometimes a long-iron just won’t reach and a fairway wood is too much (or too hard to hit off the deck). That could take us a down a ‘gapping’ rabbit hole, but that’s not what we want to talk about today, because we’re focusing on how hybrids can play a major role on your scorecard.

A green that used to be reachable with your irons but no longer is can still be hit with your hybrid, as is the par-5 that’s just slightly too far to go for glory. In fact, with Titleist’s TSi hybrids, it could even be easier to hit that green because not only are they built for easy distance, the shape helps you find easy, consistent contact. And, equally importantly, the high launch also helps with ‘stopping power’ to ensure your ball actually takes a chair and sits down when you find the dancefloor.

Titleist TSi hybrids

What are your options?

We’re absolutely smitten with these hybrids, so it’s pretty handy that there’s three different models (TSi1, TSi2 and TSi3), ranging from 18 to 29-degree options, available; giving you the chance to pick & choose which set-up of hybrids will yield the best results for your game.

If you’re not sure how to do that yourself, unfortunately you’re going to need PGA Professional to help… Oh wait, that’s us! Yeah, and we’d be more than happy to custom fit those hybrids, although the most fun part is actually hearing about how much they’ve lowered your score.

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