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Cobra Air-X Hybrids

Cobra Air-X Hybrids

Paul Sherman

Whether you’re playing it safe or getting out of trouble, these hybrids make it easier to execute the shot you want to.

The thin forged face insert transfers optimal energy at impact to create fast ball speeds, which results in plenty of distance. That makes these hybrids more effective in every situation.

Key features & benefits:

  • Lightweight head, shaft & grip makes it easy to generate speed in your swing
  • Weight positioned in back & heel for stability and forgiveness
  • Draw-bias, offset design fights those right-side misses
  • Thin forged face insert delivers fast ball speeds for plenty of distance
  • Available in 3H (19-degree loft), 4H (22), 5H (25), 6H (28) & 7H (31)

You can click the enquiry button to speak to us about which hybrids you should get in your bag. We'll be happy to help!


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